7.600,00  (57.262,20 kn)

  • Ultrathin (60 mm thickness)
  • Normal working condition even under -30°C
  • BYD Blade LiFePO4 cells
  • Life cycle >7000 times

Battery type LiFePO4
Standard Capacity @0.2C 140Ah
Rated Voltage 51.2V
Rated Power 7168Wh
Internal Impedance ≤60mΩ
Max. Charge Voltage 58.4V
Cut-off Voltage 44V
Standard Charge Current 28A
Maximum Charge Current 70A
Continuous Discharge Current 0~140A
Max. Continuous Discharge Current 160A
Battery size (L)x(W)x(H) 1110 x 69 x 1058mm


Elegant appearance, light and easy to use.
Integrated Intelligent Battery Management System (BMS):
Prevents overcharge, overdischarge, and high current inside
the battery to ensure battery safety and reliability.
Balances each battery cell to extend battery life.
Intelligent monitoring, remote measurement, remote
communication, RS485 remote control
Natural cooling, low noise.
Wall-mounted design, space saving.
Compatible with the market mainstream inverters.
Mainly used in home energy storage systems


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CroPack is brand that offers development and battery pack assembly established in 2020, based in Split, Croatia.
Mažuranićeva Ulica 10
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